Women to Watch: Crestone Capital

Meet Ronda Vitrano — champion of identifying, developing, and retaining top talent at Crestone Capital.
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Ronda Vitrano is Chief of Talent and Shareholder of Crestone Capital

Women in Colorado are making an impact in every industry, enterprise and workplace role imaginable. They are CEOs, startup founders, strategists and irreplaceable employees who not only are instrumental in their own organization’s success; through their daily actions and achievements, they set a precedent of possibilities for the next generation of women in business to build upon. Every woman in business has her own story, and we present a few of them in this special advertising section with profiles specifically designed to show the person — the face, if you will — behind the business or organization that she has helped build or nurture.

Woman to Watch: Crestone Capital

Ronda Vitrano is Crestone’s champion of identifying, developing, and retaining top talent for the firm. For over a decade, she has expertly led Crestone’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and cultivated relationships. As a nationally ranked wealth management firm built exclusively for entrepreneurs, business owners and their families, Ronda’s leadership enables the firm to foster talent who are steadfast in their approach of protecting and enhancing clients’ wealth. Ronda is a key driver of people and culture for the 100% employee-owned firm that manages approximately $3.6 billion in assets and is honored as one of Outside magazine’s 50 Best Places to Work in America.


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