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  • LinkedIn endorsements—pros and cons

    When LinkedIn first introduced the endorsement function, there was plenty of distress and uproar.  We’ve all received endorsements for skills we didn ...

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  • The sales closing secret?

    When I ask professionals or business owners, "What's your biggest problem when you’re selling? Almost all of them say, "Closing the sale." ...

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  • So, how are things going?

    So at the beginning of a New Year, at the end of each quarter, and along the way, assess progress. You may have done this ...

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  • Top five tips to juice up your cold calls

    If you’re in the cold calling business, picking up the phone can be one of the hardest things you do.  Dial after ...

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  • Lighten the load with kindness

    Though each of us is part of the walking wounded at least some of the time, we tend to forget all of the things others ...

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  • When key employees go to a competitor

    Your executives and top salespeople have access to your most valuable business strategies, sales contacts, growth plans and innovations.  What do you do when ...

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  • Best of CoBiz: Deadly dozen job search mistakes

    Here are a few of the really stupid mistakes that job seekers make. Make sure you’re not making any of them. 1). Not answering ...

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  • Passion is the fuel of greatness

    In my consulting, I have found one of the distinguishing traits of passionate, high-performing organizations is an obsessive focus by the people in it on ...

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  • Personal finance lessons from “Downton Abbey”

    In episode 5 of season 5, which aired recently, Mrs. Patmore, the head cook from downstairs, just inherited 300 pounds from her deceased aunt. That might not sound ...

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  • Denver energy investors’ outlook

    Although the adage is that money makes the world go around, the same could be said for energy. At least that’s according to ...

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LinkedIn endorsements—pros and cons

Overall, it's a thumb's up

By Shawna Simcik

(4) Reader Responses

A study in investment contrasts

Do you prefer a growing or managing economy?

By Ron Phillips

The sales closing secret?

Read on...

By Liz Wendling

Workplace wellness strategies

One size doesn't fit all

By Sandy Alexander

So, how are things going?

Assessing progress

By Theresa M. Szczurek

Feel-good investing

Might be on your radar soon

By Kerby Meyers

Top five tips to juice up your cold calls

Plus a bonus!

By Sam Dobbins

The currency game

The upside and the down

By Fred Taylor and Charles Farrell

Lighten the load with kindness

Invisible crosses we all bear

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw

(3) Reader Responses

Denver developers build for the future

Planning for tomorrow -- today

By Erik Hagevik

Best of CoBiz: The business value of culture in a merger

Making cultural due diligence measurable

By Lisa Jackson

When key employees go to a competitor

Protecting your proprietary info

By Mark Wiletsky

The top 10 emotional whammies of divorce

You really go through four divorces

By Sheila Gutterman

(1) Reader Responses

Readers Respond

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Fred, it does make me smile when I get those endorsements... Maybe I should be an expert in Project Management... and then I come back down to reality. I believe with phones, iPads and the LinkedIn app, people mistakenly hit buttons they don't intend to hit, or they are clairvoyant and know something I dont! <grin> Thanks for the comment and read. By Shawna simcik on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Shawna, I have been on LinkedIn for a little over 3 years and although I don't use it as a job search tool, I do think the resource is valuable and I have used it primarily as a way of maintaining contact with my many industry colleagues and former colleagues. I too have been "endorsed" for skills that I don't believe I possess, to wit, I have been given multiple endorsements for "Product Management", a function that I have never performed at any point in my career. By Fred Wellers on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Gale - Can I get an AMEN! Thank you for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree that you must have a well written, complete profile on LinkedIn - endorsements or not. Thanks. By Shawna Simcik on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Good article Shawna. As a career coach as well, I agree with your points about endorsements and recommendations - but overall am learning and noticing that the more time a job candidate spends writing a cogent LI profile, joining relevant groups, posting and getting recs and endorsements, etc the more likely he/she is to get noticed by recruiters. By Gale Dunlap on 2015 03 05

Lighten the load with kindness

Thanks, Trina! Kathleen, I just noticed my typo on my Dalai Lama quote. I really should proof my typing! By TC North on 2015 03 03

Corporate health

This iis my first time visit at here andd i am really impressed to read everthing at alonhe place. By office exercise on 2015 03 03

Lighten the load with kindness

GREAT wisdom, Kathleen. I'm reminded of my favorite quote from a Jewel song, "In the end, only kindness matters." And since TC has posted a response, I can recommend his new book release, Fearless Leaders! He speaks to kindness and open hearted fearlessness at work. (Not your exact words, TC, but the essence....) By Trina Hoefling on 2015 03 03

Lighten the load with kindness

Kathleen, love your perspective and this statement, "Most important, when you respond to people with empathy and kindness, you retain everyone’s dignity—including your own." The Dali Lame once said, "My religion is kindness and compassion"! By TC North on 2015 02 27

Personal finance lessons from "Downton Abbey"

Helen we talk to all kinds if investors. The female investors tend to be more cautious about who they are talking to and what are the qualifiers. The typical male investor rushes right in with the scenario often leaving the " who are you" at the end of the conversation. BTW I am British and love the show too! Regards Paul By Paul Ripner on 2015 02 27

The top 10 emotional whammies of divorce

Make no mistake, most of the laws of the land favor women in divorce cases. It is common and ordinary for the law to consider women the wronged party, a needy victim and award them the bulk of the assets from a marriage and/or a common law marriage. After six decades of this practice what we have in our society is a large segment of older single women who own houses, cars, investments and other assets they have obtained from one or multiple divorces. Just a reminder that a cougar is a predator. By Steven Shepard on 2015 02 26
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