Xcel Energy Draws on Community Benefits of Art and Culture Investment Throughout Colorado

Colorado Business Committee for the Arts awards energy company for outreach and access to the arts

With 1.4 million electric customers and 1.3 million natural gas customers throughout the state of Colorado, Xcel Energy's reach is one of the many benefits it bestows on communities, and one of the reasons why the organization was honored by the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts in 2018.

"The arts and cultural aspect of each of the communities we serve is such a driving force, whether it's for quality of life, kids experiences, economic development," says Hollie Velasquez Horvath, director of community relationship for Xcel Energy.

Throughout the last decade, the company has donated nearly $1.7 million to organizations across the state. 

But it's not just about a check.

"A couple of key factors that we look for is not just giving a grant or funds to an organization," Velasquez Horvath says. "But we actually spend a lot of time working with these organizations around what is that deeper partnership look like."

Efforts Excel supports include the Denver Zoo, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Alamosa Live Music Association, the Grand Junction Symphony and more.

Here's a glimpse into some of the energy firm's cultural commitments throughout Colorado.

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