Your business needs an app. So where do you go?

Finding a good app development company is a multi-faceted endeavor

The sustained rise of mobile technology use is presenting new opportunities for various industries, and major competitive gains are being claimed by companies on the cutting edge. With the steady advances in mobile technology of the past decade, creating a mobile app is more affordable and easier than ever before. Companies with custom apps can be more visible to their respective consumers, and are able to solidify the relationship between their brand and their consumer.

Because of the advancements made in the mobile app development sphere, it is now easier and more beneficial to even small businesses to have custom apps. Most small business owners do not have the technical knowledge to build their own custom app, but by outsourcing that development to a dedicated app development company, small businesses can enjoy the profit and brand benefits of having a customized app built specifically for their market.

Having a partner in app development with expertise and a strong track record is essential for many companies, large and small, to succeed in the development of a mobile app. But what is an app development company, and how does one decide which one is best for their purposes? When a business decides they want an app, they need to be able to work with a developer who understands their specific needs in order to succeed.

Finding a good app development company is a multi-faceted endeavor. Each development company operates differently and holds different values and expertise. Finding an app development company is as much about not doing it wrong as it is about doing it right.

Choosing the cheapest option may seem like a logical step, but as with clothes and shoes, cheapest isn’t always best. When it comes to app development, money correlates directly with resources and expertise. You don’t have to pick the most expensive developer, but picking the cheapest one puts you at risk for a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing, or doesn’t have the resources to get what you want done.

Falling for impossible promises is another mistake easily made when choosing a development company. Developing an app takes time and patience, and getting that app to be successful is a game of good marketing and luck. If a development company promises you the number one spot in the App Store on day one, they’re not being honest. Steer clear.

Buzzwords are a particularly dangerous game for individuals who aren’t well versed in app development. Consumer-driven, augmented reality and cloud capabilities are examples of buzzwords. You’ve heard them talked about, but unless you know what they mean and how they will benefit your business, don’t let an app development company use them to pull you into an endeavor that isn’t right for your company.

With all the ways you can choose the wrong developer, how the heck do you choose the right one? It’s simple. Just talk to them. Get to know the team, their values, the resources they have at their disposal and their methods. It matters how an app development company operates, and understanding their operation will allow you to make the right choice. There are two main ways app development companies approach their projects: hands-on and hands-off. Hands-on focuses on guiding the process of development. Hands-off focuses on results. So, which one is better?

It depends on your specific business, and how you plan to be involved. The hands-on approach allows you to be in control of the app’s outcome. You are involved not only in developing the app to reflect your company’s individual situation, needs and goals but also in the testing process. The hands-on approach requires more time and effort from you, but may result in an app that reflects your company in a way an app development company cannot without your input.

The hands-off approach is more expedited, and may allow the developer to discover new approaches that you may not have initially been open to. By leaving more of the process to the developer, you’ll still be part of testing and big decisions, but you’ll have more time for other ventures.

Understanding which approach is best for you is essential to finding the right app development company. Every app development client and company should be open to both approaches, but each developer and business is different, and one approach may prove to be more successful to the business and the company developing the app.


Rob Carpenter is the co-founder and CEO of AppIt Ventures, a Colorado-based custom software development company that partners with firms to build cutting edge, high quality technology. For more information, please visit or contact

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