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Guess what consumers complain about most?

Denver-Boulder area residents are most unhappy with this industry


Telephone communications topped the list of most complained-about industries in the Denver-Boulder area in the past year, with 5,177 complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau serving Denver/Boulder. Next were television (cable, CATV and satellite), airlines, and – talk about blaming the messenger – Better Business Bureaus. Here’s a rundown of the Top 10 most-complained about industries from Jan. 1, 2015 to Feb. 17, 2016.


Top Complained-About Businesses

Type of Business                                           Complaints

1.  Telephone Communications                         5,177

2.  Television - Cable, CATV & Satellite             4,578

3.  Airlines                                                             822

4.  Better Business Bureaus                                 591

5.  Internet Access Providers                                591

6.  Property Management                                     552

7.  Roofing Contractors                                         539

8.  Auto Dealers - New Cars                                 525

9.  Referral - Contractors                                      468

10. Real Estate Services                                      464

Source: BBB of Denver/Boulder

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