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Female Founder Builds a Global Empire with a Single Questionnaire

CEO of the Year finalist Gail Browning, built Emergenetics from scratch starting 1991


Since founding Emergenetics International in 1991, Geil Browning, Ph.D., has – with a single questionnaire – changed the way organizations and individuals view the human mind. Browning's signature offering, the Emergenetics Profile, is utilized across the globe, in 40 countries. 

The chief executive's biggest obstacle, hands down, was a hemorrhagic stroke in 2003, which changed the way her own mind functioned. After 13 years at the helm, Browning temporarily lost her ability to read, write and speak. In recovery, she says, "I wanted to jump right back into work, but that wasn't an option."

It would be five years before Browning could read technical research again, and she admits that, "Letting go of control was difficult." At the same time, it was inspiring, Browning says, to realize, "All the training I'd designed and delivered worked." Browning had successfully assembled a staff capable of carrying on her work while she was out of commission.

When Browning founded her first company in 1985, The Browning Group, “Female entrepreneurs in Colorado were few and far between,” she says. Having fought to overcome gender stereotypes, Browning co-founded the Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN); she’s also published two books on the subject of Emergenetics and its applications.

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Jamie Siebrase

Jamie Siebrase is a freelance writer based in Colorado.

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