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High-performance connectivity fuels economic growth

To stand out in a competitive environment, companies rely on high-capacity bandwidth and dependable internet


There's no question we're living in a digital age in which innovative technologies – such as mobile applications, cloud computing and live video conferencing – reign supreme when it comes to business efficiency and success. To stand out in an extremely competitive environment, companies are increasingly relying on high-capacity bandwidth and dependable internet connectivity. This supports the solutions and applications that improve productivity, provide better customer service and grow the business. In fact, many are so dependent on these digital services that high-performance networks now play a critical role in economic growth – both in helping local organizations thrive and attracting new business.


Many of the tools businesses utilize today travel over the web or a wide area network. The more these tools are employed – and as new solutions are added to the technology stack – the more bandwidth capacity will be needed to maintain optimum performance. For example, large amounts of bandwidth are a necessity for services such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Streaming
  • Supporting multiple users on a Wi-Fi network
  • File sharing and backup
  • Cloud-based applications

Ethernet and broadband networks provide companies with Gigabit levels of performance (and more), required to ensure enough capacity to support bandwidth needs today. They also help organizations prepare for the future with a scalable bandwidth that can be adjusted as operational needs change. As a result, companies can leverage the latest advancements in technology to operate more efficiently, attract new customers, set themselves apart from competitors and drive growth – without worrying about capacity demands. 

Additionally, modern network infrastructures provide fast, reliable and innovative communications services. For many years, businesses had no choice when it came to connectivity solutions; they were limited to the technology offered by their local telephone companies. Over the last decade, communications providers have upended the status quo, delivering advanced Ethernet, internet, video and voice solutions over a high-capacity, reliable and secure network. not only do these services help businesses provide superior customer experience, but they can be a tremendous recruiting asset as well.

Employees, particularly those of the millennial generation, have grown up using technology and they expect to use it to build and advance their careers. This young workforce is so accustomed to getting information an applications on-demand, they have a low tolerance for slow internet or Wi-Fi speeds – whether at home or at work.

The powerful combination of high-capacity and scalable bandwidth, along with advanced digital and communications services can have a positive impact on companies, employees and customers – which can simultaneously help businesses and the local economy grow exponentially.


In addition to driving economic growth through the expansion of existing area businesses, a high-performance network infrastructure is also vital for cultivating local business development. Because organizations today are so dependent on reliable connectivity and bandwidth, network infrastructure is an important factor when they are deciding on office locations. Modern networks, therefore, have taken on an instrumental role in attracting new businesses to local communities.

In short, high-performance networks help new business success rates and assist organizations of all sizes in standing out from the competition while driving innovation, value and growth. And this tremendously benefits local economies by keeping companies and their 

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Shawn Adamson

Shawn Adamson, the Vice President of Commercial Business Services for Comcast’s Mile High Region, is responsible for developing and implementing Comcast's innovative commercial services offerings in the small, medium and enterprise business markets. She leads Comcast as it continues to deliver new technologies and services to its business customers, including the launch of Metro Ethernet. She has nearly 20 years of management experience in sales and operations. Shawn can be reached by email at shawn_adamson@cable.comcast.com

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