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  • Connecting the arts and business

    From startups to Fortune 100 companies, a growing number of businesses are leveraging creativity to rethink, restructure and reposition their leadership, collaboration, communication and innovation. To ...

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  • A retirement game plan

    A good approach to consider for retirement is to own a diversified portfolio of high quality dividend paying stocks. The dividend income production from the ...

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Financial reporting: What happened, what’s ahead

Dodd-Frank rulemaking, slow progress toward convergence

By Jim Brendel

A retirement game plan

Considerations and strategies

By Fred Taylor

Transform tomorrow: Retire with confidence

Time to become a nation of super-savers

By Tom Briggs and Scott Redfield

Top tax tips checklist

Considerations for 2013 and beyond

By Lori Davis

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Value investing: Simple strategies

It doesn't have to be daunting

By Thomas Alley

Best investment bets for 2014

Some financial trends we like

By Todd Hauer

Your home’s hidden treasure

Maybe it is time to take advantage of home equity.

By Eric Craine

Avoiding the back-pay double whammy

Welcome to the world of liquidated damages

By Kalen Fraser

New IRS rules you need to know

Any commercial or industrial property is affected

By Tim Snider

Nobel Prize-winning investments?

Lessons from a $450 endowment

By James Osborne

Readers Respond

Five great ways to keep employees engaged

I forgot to mention, but if you're a manager who is unsure where to start when detailing someone's strengths and weaknesses, then you probably just need a refresher course on some options available. Sites like http://findaccountingsoftware.com/expert-advice/annual-employee-performance-reviews-why-they-still-matter-and-how-software-can-make-yours-better/ are a great starting point, but remember that the key point is that you speak directly to your employee as a person. They'll appreciate it. By Bucky House on 2014 04 16

Five great ways to keep employees engaged

I think a key thing we could conclude from your helpful pointers is the value of employee performance reviews. Being able to refocus any criticism about one's performance into a friendly chat with a superior about the right direction to take can be huge for someone's morale. By Bucky House on 2014 04 16

The futurist: The next bold step in transportation

Advertising for the 1970 vote in Denver authorizing mass transit promised PRT, but we got dirty diesel buses instead? By John Tahoe on 2014 04 16

The futurist: The next bold step in transportation

maybe you have missed it, but the economy of the WORLD is in free fall. so no one will invest in the futuristic non-sense these men are talking about. WE the USA is as a result of the politicians that have come along for the past 115 years are now in reverse towards times that existed before the industrial revolution. manufacturing in all areas is gone and it is not going to come back! we have no one left from the time we did have manufacturing here to teach the youth of America, and the school system is so bad they don't know how to learn. the end result is the world doesn't need to go faster as you seem to think, it has to TAKE STOCK OF ITSELF. but the elected leaders haven't a clue as to how to do that. By jerry wigutow on 2014 04 16

First of four myths about business success:

The assumptions about bosses in the article are offensive to say the least. Sounds like the author has some personal issues that need to be worked out. Really?, the boss has a wife and three kids? His wife walks around with poop on her sleeve and does not flirt with him so he has to look elsewhere in the office for Barbie? What does Barbie do when her boss is a woman? Oh oh! Looks like her "flirting" and "wet tee shirt" sweater aren't going to work this time! Since when does Barbie have good eye contact and listening skills? I didn't learn listening skills and eye contact from an office bimbo and suggesting that we have something to learn from Barbie (or an office bimbo) is ridiculous. It's hard enough breaking down stereotypes and getting equal pay for equal work for women, without having someone perpetuate the stereotypes, much less telling us we have something to learn from them! By Elizabeth on 2014 04 15

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