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Unique challenges for women investors

Are you playing catch-up for retirement?

By Shelley Ford

Riding the wave into 2015

Create growth opportunities for your business

By Brad Bayless

Give the gift of stock

Financial legacy and life lessons

By Stephen Stribling

Shine a year-end spotlight on your finances

It might brighten your future

By Shelley Ford

Gift that keeps on giving:

Custodial accounts for your kids

By Herb White

Where the trillionaires will be

More industries with mega-potential

By Thomas Frey

The futurist: The rise of the trillionaires

Where will they come from?

By Thomas Frey

Only billionaires need apply

Five Coloradans crack the Forbes 400

By Mike Taylor

Help avoid litigation with an ethical will

It's been around for a while

By Morgan Wiener

Top four ways to add value to your business

What every biz owner needs to know pre-valuation

By Mark Trenner

Readers Respond

Sales savvy: Keeping tabs on cold calls

Good stuff, Sam! Thank you! By Denise Alleman on 2015 01 27

Seven questionable career services…

Anyone who recommends linkedin, doesn't know what they are talking about. Linkedin is TERRIBLE, half the jobs posted are just recycled from other job boards or company websites, too many confidential listings (can you spell ID theft), the comparison tool that tells you that you're unqualified for even the most basic jobs, and the search function absolutely sucks. Improve the job market, by firing HR. These people have no skills despite their inflated degrees, make dept heads responsible for evaluating talent, and if you must have HR, let them get the candidate coffee and show them the restroom! By RJ on 2015 01 23

Beat the job-search blues

That is a great article and the information is tremendous to who is looking for a job. By Dan Mauter on 2015 01 20

Colorado's bigger, stronger discrimination law

I quit hiring employees. I will only work with contractors on a job by job basis. When employees have all the rights and the employer is assumed guilty from the start, there is little incentive to take on the risk of an employee. Employees should be held liable for the business' legal costs when they lose a discrimination lawsuit. By LINDA FERENTCHAK on 2015 01 20

Colorado's bigger, stronger discrimination law

Why hire when the risks outweigh the reward! A small business can win the case and still lose because of the litigation costs. By John on 2015 01 20

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