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  • First of four myths about business success:

    Barbie. What better symbol of bland perfection? Perfect hair. Perfect make-up, perky boobs, great fashion.  If she could talk, she would always say exactly ...

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  • Connecting the arts and business

    From startups to Fortune 100 companies, a growing number of businesses are leveraging creativity to rethink, restructure and reposition their leadership, collaboration, communication and innovation. To ...

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  • Don’t Dodd-Frank your business

    The best business environments are self-regulating or as close to self-regulating as you can get them. Ten-to-one reporting relationships are manageable and profitable when the ...

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Best of CoBiz: A great leader has a vision…

...and other rules for life and success

By Laurence B. Valant

Best of CoBiz: Six traits of top dogs

It's all about "command presence"

By Nicole Nago-Heckers

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CFOs: The C-suite’s big-picture guys

Add value through finance transformation

By Don Mailliard & Dave Barnett

Best of CoBiz: Nobody likes performance review surprises

...and other rules for success in life and business

By Laurence B. Valant

Best of CoBiz: Four great tips to handle difficult employees

If it's worth the effort, try these

By Derek Murphy

First of four myths about business success:

You have nothing to learn from Barbie

By Jane Miller

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Don’t Dodd-Frank your business

Simple but elegant is the answer

By Todd Ordal

(1) Reader Responses

So, you want to be a public company director?

What you need to know to protect yourself

By Taylor Simonton

The hard and soft edges of leadership

Steel and velvet

By Bob and Gregg Vanourek

Supply chain: Push or pull?

A key driver for success

By Russ White

Readers Respond

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Oh, well, Peter Piper picked a pepper, I guess I did! (Thanks for the memories and the insight.) By Randy on 2014 04 24

Chef Laura: Down with upspeak!

Great article. One of your best. I particularly "like:" "In professional kitchens, if someone was fluent in upspeak, they would also be well-versed in unemployment." "You know" is another unnecessary popular verbal tic - also seeking affirmation, I presume. By PF on 2014 04 24

Close your mouth to close the sale

Thanks Liz for your insight. I try so hard to be a better listener. I can tell right away when I am not. I hear myself formulating my answers before someone is done talking. I catch myself and pay attention. By Marlene on 2014 04 23

10 ways to handle online reputation management

There's a free service I use to somewhat influence and manage the results that come up for a Google search on your name. Thought I'd share it with you and your readers. Give https://brandyourself.com/ a try. (PS. I do not work for them.) They also offer a concierge premium service but I haven't tried that. By Pashmina Lalchandani on 2014 04 23

Close your mouth to close the sale

Great Article........as you stated, Listening is key in building trust and creating a solid foundation to a business relationship. I can always improve in my listening skills. By Sam Dobbins on 2014 04 23

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