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Four rules for a better future

More on why gamers will rule the world

By Thomas Frey

The futurist: Why gamers will rule the world

...or at least make it better

By Thomas Frey

The futurist: Tiny taxes, big rewards

Nano-payments are game-changers

By Thomas Frey

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How free Wi-Fi makes people happy

And more productive

By Shawn Adamson

Crash course: Hack attack prevention tips

Your computer doesn't have to die like mine did

By Esty Atlas

More cool trends the CES missed

The final six

By Thomas Frey

Trends everyone missed at this year’s CES

The first six

By Thomas Frey

When IT becomes an unbearable burden

Should you hire an expert?

By Jay Burgess

Readers Respond

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Fred, it does make me smile when I get those endorsements... Maybe I should be an expert in Project Management... and then I come back down to reality. I believe with phones, iPads and the LinkedIn app, people mistakenly hit buttons they don't intend to hit, or they are clairvoyant and know something I dont! <grin> Thanks for the comment and read. By Shawna simcik on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Shawna, I have been on LinkedIn for a little over 3 years and although I don't use it as a job search tool, I do think the resource is valuable and I have used it primarily as a way of maintaining contact with my many industry colleagues and former colleagues. I too have been "endorsed" for skills that I don't believe I possess, to wit, I have been given multiple endorsements for "Product Management", a function that I have never performed at any point in my career. By Fred Wellers on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Gale - Can I get an AMEN! Thank you for your comment. I wholeheartedly agree that you must have a well written, complete profile on LinkedIn - endorsements or not. Thanks. By Shawna Simcik on 2015 03 05

LinkedIn endorsements -- pros and cons

Good article Shawna. As a career coach as well, I agree with your points about endorsements and recommendations - but overall am learning and noticing that the more time a job candidate spends writing a cogent LI profile, joining relevant groups, posting and getting recs and endorsements, etc the more likely he/she is to get noticed by recruiters. By Gale Dunlap on 2015 03 05

Lighten the load with kindness

Thanks, Trina! Kathleen, I just noticed my typo on my Dalai Lama quote. I really should proof my typing! By TC North on 2015 03 03

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