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Top Company Awards 2020

There might be no greater measure of a great company than the way it responds in a crisis. So it’s no surprise that when the ColoradoBiz 33rd Annual Top Company winners and finalists found themselves thrust into the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they stepped up to meet the moment.

Top Company 2020: Tourism & Hospitality

Meet SummitCove Lodging, Imprint Events Group and Rocky Mountain Connections as they represent just some of the 2020 top company winners. From a growing and fair-wage paying lodging company in Summit County to producing weekly webinar series for their community, these three companies are making a mark on the tourism and hospitality community.

Top Company 2020: Technology & Software

Meet Pax8, Formstack and Conga as they represent just some of the 2020 top company winners. From core values of Innovate, Advocate, Elevate and Celebrate to producing solutions to the kind of daily tasks that bog down work, these three firms are making a mark on the technology and software community.

Company Perspectives

How companies can help more kids get outside this year

Why should businesses care about children in nature? The more time our kids spend outside in safe and inclusive settings, the better their social and emotional well-being will be, and the more they will want to protect our land, air and water. Also, businesses who align their purpose with a cause like getting children into nature will have opportunities to foster deeper relationships with their employees and customers, build brand awareness, and tackle one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. 

3 lessons learned from first-time entrepreneurs

The Davidoff sisters' new business launch aligned almost perfectly with the start of the pandemic, and suddenly the found themselves in uncharted territory. While launching a business during a pandemic brought unforeseen and very real obstacles, it taught the pair valuable lessons as first-time entrepreneurs. Here are three important lessons every new entrepreneur should consider.

How one Denver company pivoted from profits to virus protection

Tia Jenkins is owner and architect at Kieding, a Denver-based interior architecture and design firm. She’s also a prolific seamstress. After sewing masks for her office team at the beginning of the pandemic, Jenkins and crew decided to add these hand-made masks to their marketing campaign—offering a practical tie-in and real-time solution to one issue many people and businesses were facing with the virus.

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Companies to Watch

50 Colorado Companies to Watch 2020

Now in its 12th year, Colorado Companies to Watch recognizes second-stage companies that are fueling the economic fire across Colorado. Since the program’s inception, 600 winning companies, including this year’s class of 50, have created more than 22,000 full-time-equivalent jobs and generated revenues exceeding $5 billion in a vast range of industries.

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