AllProWebTools releases new small business management suite

Version 4.0 includes 50 new features

Fort Collins-based AllProWebTools has released version 4.0 of its small business management suite. The AllProWebTools 4 includes 50 new features, all of which came from the suggestions of current small users of the growing all-in-one small business management platform. The most requested features added to AllProWebTools 4 include:

Live Chat

  • Send chat messages with anyone in the company logged into the console
  • Chats can be monitored by administrators
  • All chats are archived and searchable in the console

CRM Updates

  • Integration with Dropbox, for easy, in-console access to relevant folders and documents on the CRM page of a customer
  • Popup alerts in the console for follow-up reminders
  • Ability to add custom fields to the CRM
  • Ability to tie tasks to specific clients in the CRM
  • Shows marketing emails opened and unsubscribes in the CRM record

Snowmaker Integration

Snowmaker is the proprietary lead-ranking software of Extreme Relationship Management, founded by Tony Raburn.

  • Ranks leads to help prioritize follow-up
  • Helps quantify the potential value of all business contacts
  • Categorizes contacts – leads, potential referral partners or affiliates, and more

Google Calendar Integration

Without even logging into the AllProWebTools console, business owners and employees can receive reminders for follow-ups and task deadlines through Google.

Hourly Scheduling Through Website

Those such as consultants, massage therapists, counselors, and professional speakers can sell their time on their website, by the hour, half-hour, or in 15 minute intervals. They can also show time availability and let customers schedule themselves. This tool is fully integrated with AllProWebTools e-commerce.

GPS Clock-In Location

Useful for any business that has employees who work in the field, or who work remotely, this tool ensures employee accountability with location taken at clock-in through GPS tracking.

Employee Productivity Report

This feature gives business owners greater insight into employee performance with the goal of reducing time spent in meetings with staff.

  • Shows all important daily activity: tasks worked on, chats sent, client notes left
  • Calculates profitability by comparing hours clocked into company vs. client time
  • Gives data to back up performance reviews, task prioritization, and more

One APWT client, Colorado Computer Doctors owner Tim Washburn, states, “The consolidated features allow me to manage my business, from employee management and website SEO, all the way to marketing and seeing real-time results of those marketing efforts, all under one platform – a lifesaver and game changer for all small businesses, in my opinion.”

AllProWebTools CEO and lead developer, Dave Kramer, says of the newest release, “While there are many business management consoles on the market, none offer an all-in-one business management and marketing package at a price small businesses can afford.”

Small business owners who sign up to test drive AllProWebTools by the end of September using discount code "MJPR2015" will get to use the suite for FREE through the end of 2015. For more information about the AllProWebTools small business management and marketing toolkit and to schedule a free demonstration, visit

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