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Posted: September 06, 2013

2013 Top Company finalists: Software

Gigi Sukin



Confio Software

Software creation is the name of the game for Confio, which helps database administrators (DBAs), developers, operations staff and other IT managers identify and solve performance problems in enterprise databases.


Rather than serving as merely a software vendor, Confio distinguishes itself by filling the role of trusted adviser to its worldwide customer base. Moreover, while many competitors monitor the health of databases, Confio tries to focus on end-user experience and response time.

Biggest Challenge

Technically speaking, the most difficult part of the industry requires keeping pace with ever-changing environments the company monitors. In terms of the business itself, managing rapid growth proves challenging because of international adoption of Confio’s Ignite software, requiring the expansion of its Boulder headquarters and recruitment of top talent.

Greatest Achivement

Confio’s award-winning “Confio Monsters” marketing campaign exemplifies its knowledge and understanding of its customers, their pain-points and the nuances of the day-to-day duties and challenges.


Quote of Note

“Yes, we are a software company, but our real job is to solve our customers’ pain points. It is only by listening to our customers and truly understanding their pain-points that we have achieved our reputation as a trusted adviser.” – Matt Larson, Confio founder and CEO.

Quick Left

Established in 2010, Boulder-based Quick Left builds Web and mobile applications for startups and established businesses alike, specializing in Ruby on Rails and advanced JavaScript frameworks.


Quick Left’s aim is to accelerate digital product launches for its clients with processes defined by accountability, simplification, scalability and the smartest
Web technologies.

Biggest Challenge

Hiring. To find someone who is skilled in innovative open source technology languages is difficult; thus a rigorous interview process ensures finding the best and brightest.

Greatest Achievement

National recognition for Quick Left’s unique workplace culture and impressive growth, including Inc. Magazine’s Inc. “500 | 5000” list has proven the team has what it takes
to succeed.


Quote of Note

“As a Boulder native, I’m excited to be part of the technology-based entrepreneurial energy here in Colorado. At Quick Left, we have an amazing team of developers that make me excited to come to work every day.” – Ingrid Alongi, CEO.




The tech service, located in Denver, helps non-technical business users build customer applications to track and manage their data more efficiently.


Since 2006, TrackVia has offered faster, more affordable methods to build and deploy enterprise-grade apps in two weeks or less.

Biggest Challenge

TrackVia considers its greatest task to be one of its utmost feats – asking a business user to allocate time to develop his or her application. The company’s proven Fast Track program dedicates a Solution Architect for each customer to assist with building an app and providing training.

Greatest Achievement

Last year TrackVia was selected as one of Outside magazine’s “30 Best Places to Work,” thanks to its benefits, location and culture.


Quote of Note

“TrackVia is changing the way enterprise software works by empowering business users to build their own applications that work the way they do.” – Pete Khanna, CEO.

Gigi Sukin is an Associate Editor at ColoradoBiz. She can be reached at

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