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Posted: December 04, 2012

A holiday hooch-lovers’ gift guide

Cool presents for the wine-inclined

Cathie Beck—The Wine Wench

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time and energy aggressively hinting to friends and family that I’d love some new, whispery-thin, long-stemmed wine glasses for Christmas — the kind that are so fine, so fragile, you know you can never clang one in the kitchen sink like I always do.

I’ve got a boatload of perfectly fine wine glasses: short, Italian ones; artful colored ones; big-bowled ones that I once loved so much I special-ordered a replacement when I broke one.

But I don’t have those sweet, sliver-thin glasses I pine for, the fragility which can be felt with the slightest touch.

None of this matter as all of my manipulation and seed-planting is for naught. No one gives a damn about my wine-glass wants so I may as well help you out in the holiday gift-giving department.

There’s no end, it would seem, to the possibilities for clever gifts for those who enjoy a spot of vino now and again. Colorado is unique in many ways and designing the delightful, thoughtful and personal gift is yet one more expression of our eclectic and often envied Rocky Mountain culture.

So relax. I will still be sipping out of the artful glasses that are actually too small to hold a full pour or from the big-bowled goblets that really don’t say: great wine.

You? You’ll be a winner in the recipient’s eyes. Here goes:

The Corkcicle: Just voted one of Oprah's favorite things this month, the Corkcicle is an icicle made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel. Once it's frozen you put it into any bottle of wine to maintain chilled white wine or to bring up red wines to their perfect temperature. It's available at Swoozie's in Cherry Creek and online:

The Wine Locker: Just launched and available at al Lado in Denver, for $100 you get three bottles of wine, picked by sommelier Kelly Berger, and stored in a private locker for you for three months. Come in and drink your bottles with dinner or send friends, clients or colleagues in, tell them, "Just ask for my private stock." Won’t that feel great? Call al Lado for a membership card and gift package. The al Lado wine locker gift can be purchased online at or at al Lado.

Redneck Tailgate Wineglass - a red solo cup on a cut-glass stem. The cup can also be monogrammed ($5 charge) the same day with a name, team or your most famous drinking slogan. Also available at Swoozie's or online at

The "Real Housewives of..." custom wine glass.  Real Housewives of Capital Hill?  Real Housewives of Highlands?  Wherever you reside, this glass literally has your name on it. Customized in just 5 minutes, the wine glass makes a statement. Swoozies is located on the corner of 6th and Fillmore streets in Cherry Creek: at 589  Fillmore Street, Denver, CO 80206, (720) 328-7195.Swoozies gift wraps for free so buying gifts for clients, partners and colleagues couldn't be easier. Come in, pick up a gift, and walk out with it ready to give.

Available at Swoozie's or online at

The Giddy Up Wine Bottle Holder: Looks just like your favorite cowboy boot and displays a bottle of wine — perfect for the cowgirl in all women.

One Winning Wine Tasting

Wine & Chocolate

Learn all about pairing wine with chocolate and learn why these much adored treats make such great partners. Under the tutelage of certified Executive Sommelier, Lauryn Shabanowitz, attendees will taste four different chocolate styles with six different wines. Handouts of the discussion as well as a tasting worksheet included. It’s limited to thirty seats and takes place Friday, December 9 at 7 p.m. Cost is $39. Visit for further information and to purchase tickets.

Weird Wine Trivia

Here’s one for the books. Follow @winetwits on Twitter and learn really important facts like 10 percent of our daily iron requirement is delivered in one glass of wine.

Cathie Beck, a/k/a The Wine Wench, can be reached at: Please forward any and all wine events, wine-related news items directly to her.

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