Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan is a former Fortune 500 HR exec and an advisor to organizations and job-seekers. Reach her at or

Articles by Liz Ryan

Creating your online soapbox
Seven great tips to get you started

The key to a killer cover letter
Toss the template and start writing from scratch

The savvier job seeker
Move yourself ahead of the pack

Job seekers, look for the pain
Employers really don't care about job seekers or their dual-concentration MBAs

Sorry, you’re overqualified
Overqualified job candidates must make a case for downshifting to get the job

Beating the “So what?” barrier
Hiring managers want to know what we did, for whom, when, and (most importantly) to what effect

Show us, don’t tell us you’re wonderful
Pinning labels on yourself isn’t just tacky, it’s foolish

What job seekers can learn from PR pros
Feedback is a gift: Tailor your outreach to the employer's situation

The black hole problem
Why resumes disappear into the void

The Mary Poppins principle
Employers need to value substance over easily-trainable skills

Who’s getting hired right now?
There are jobs to be had  but you won't read about them

Economic bullying: An interview with employment attorney Cynthia Wellbrock
What would you put up with in order to keep your job?

You are not your resume
Introductions are the key to job-search networking - not resume passing

Top rules for online networking
Don't alienate the very people you need

The accidental resume
Creating a cohesive backstory in a competive job market

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