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2020 hindsight: five lessons as we begin 2021

While many companies are still dealing with the acute impacts of the economic and social disruption of 2020, Colorado business leaders are confident the state will continue to outperform the national outlook in the first quarter of 2021. Here are five ways that companies can build resilience, and weather future challenges, while being better positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

‘This, too, will pass,’ but we must be more rational

As an economist, Tom Binning's hopes we can stay focused on effectively addressing the compelling trends on the horizon in a more rational manner rather than being sucked into the whirlwind of emotion that remains the ultimate risk to all societies, and especially democracies.

The top 3 performance criteria to coach employees on

To be a high-performance leader or manager, you must hold team members (who are the right people in the right seats) accountable. Having quarterly coaching conversations that focus on three most important performance areas with your team members is an outstanding way to do this.

Sales & Marketing

Social media management tips for small teams

With new social platforms popping up and algorithms changing constantly, assuming a role in social media management is no small feat, for small and big teams alike. How can even the smallest of social media teams convert more value with less stress? In the first post of our social media management series, we dig into some practical and actionable tips for a successful social media program and what it takes to craft the ideal social media post.

Human Resources


Best financial practices for the best attorney tax return

For attorneys, taxes can be full of disdain and confusion. However, accounting, taxes, and compliance are financial indicators of how well your firm is doing. If you need help with your taxes, that's a good thing as it means you've been successful and made money. Here are some considerations for making tax returns easier for law firms.

How to recover after holiday spending

It’s important that before you buy gifts, you assess your overall financial situation and make a budget. Consider selecting a payment strategy that works for you, like cash versus card, and do your research on the best time to buy.

4 ways to financially prepare for the unexpected

If coronvavirus and Colorado’s recent wildfire season have taught us anything: it's to expect the unexpected. It’s time to focus on a plan of action for when disaster strikes. Checking these four tasks off your preparedness list will help ensure that you and your loved ones are better equipped for a post-disaster environment.


How legal tech is shaking up Colorado’s legal industry

More and more companies are focusing on “direct to consumer” legal options that drastically reduce fees and speed up resolution of legal issues. These innovative businesses are disrupting the legal industry, making law more affordable, transparent, efficient and accessible.

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