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Sharing your expertise: When to speak and when to listen

Many of us are eager to share what’s on our mind and include our voice in the story but are we needlessly drowning out the voices of those with true and actual authority on the topic? Although we mean well, are we actually doing harm? Instead of jumping in, we should first listen and seek to understand.

Co-CEOs? A look at the argument for two leaders

A recent piece in Harvard Business Review asks, “Is CEO a Two-Person Job?” Once in a great while, the soulmate, mind-meld situation might exist in nature and perhaps a company will be better off for a short time if there are two leaders. With some good thought, the job of CEO can be structured like Goldilocks’ porridge; not too little, not too much.

CEO Coaching: A shocking look at strategy

Significant changes to company strategy (e.g., “Where do we play, and how do we win?”) are frequent in startups but less so in established companies. Why would you radically change a working formula? You shouldn’t! CEO Coach Todd Ordal is always looking out for good examples of what a significant change in strategy looks like.

Sales & Marketing

Why you need to know what ad hominem means

The use of ad hominems strains relationships, stifles debate, and often results in poor decisions. They can be as innocent as an overlooked social cue, or as toxic as racism. Ad hominem arguments promote ignorance, contentiousness and social censorship.

Human Resources

How employers can plan for virtual open enrollment this year

COVID-19 has forced businesses to embrace technology and get creative. Open enrollment for employee benefits will be no different. COVID-19 has impacted benefit plan design, healthcare costs and may have financial impacts on employees. A recent BenefitsPro survey found that there were dramatic changes in employees’ prioritization of their financial goal’s since COVID-19. Here are some ways that employers can better prepare and plan for a beneficial and virtual open enrollment session this year.

Can you repair a burnt bridge?

By following the Deming Cycle and applying what you’ve learned, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that bridges you thought were burnt can be repaired and that new ones are out there just waiting to be built. 


So, your retirement’s all set?

It's not uncommon for people to change their retirement date. COVID is only one reason people are reconsidering their retirement date, and it’s not always a delay. The time to retire, whether earlier than expected or later, is all about preparation.

Staying nimble: business financing and planning in a new era

The past months have taught us that businesses owners are resilient and many are rising to the occasion by pivoting their business model, caring for their workforce and being thoughtful about operations. But this storm hasn’t passed yet, and owner-operators need more strategic plans for staying agile in the face of uncertainty.


Colorado updates paid sick leave provisions for 2021

Certain provisions of HFWA will go into effect January 1, 2021. HFWA will be phased in during a two-year period. Starting January 1, 2021, employers with 16 or more employees will be covered by the paid sick leave requirements. On January 1, 2022, all employers in Colorado, excluding the federal government, will be required to provide paid sick leave.

Starting your own business in a COVID-19 environment

This challenging economy may actually be the perfect time to flex your entrepreneurial spirit. From a legal perspective, that means choosing an entity, raising capital, and navigating other start-up considerations that will help guide your business decisions, tax efficiencies and ability to scale.

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