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Management & Leadership

How to retain workers and maintain quality care

Demand for healthcare workers, particularly nurses, skyrocketed in 2020 as hospitals and other facilities increased staff to keep pace with the pandemic. Beyond the pandemic, hospitals are still working their way through a backlog of surgeries and other procedures that were postponed because of the virus. Here’s a look at how hospitals can stay ahead of staffing trends and retain critical workers this year.

Five lessons learned from a successful ESOP transition

With approximately 6,700 ESOPs in the US, being an employee owner is a special opportunity for staff. ESOPs naturally cultivate a culture with a collective interest in the growth and success of the organization. When the company succeeds, employees directly benefit, and this drives employee performance.

Sales & Marketing

Why story-based marketing works

In business—and B2B marketing in particular—we're wrapped up in the nuts and bolts of running our businesses. So we can fall into a very analytical mindset, and it shows up in our marketing. Learn how to tell a good story that brings your marketing to life.

Human Resources

How California’s employment regulation trend is gaining ground in Colorado

The “Californication” of small business regulation—that is, the passing of an increasing number of state employment laws and regulations, many which put even more burden on employers—is picking up steam. In Colorado, there are at least eight new state employment-related laws, regulations, and rules that go into effect in 2021. Here's how Colorado employers can take the right steps now to protect their employees and the business.



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