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Management & Leadership

CEO Coaching: On Stability and Change

The skills, processes and behaviors required to build stability are different from those necessary to drive change. That’s why CEOs must have both management expertise (taming complexity and building stability) as well as leadership skills (looking at the future and driving change). Sometimes it’s more about leadership, and sometimes it’s more about management.

Sales & Marketing

Meet the four “breeds” of customers

Customer retention is more important than ever, so the trick is to use the data you have on your customers to understand them and market to them more effectively. Before chasing down expensive new leads, dig deeper into existing customer data.

Top small business marketing tips in 2020

YellowDog knows how to dig deep into audience segmentation and targeted campaigns. On top of that, our team has all the strategic know-how and creative talent to help with initial branding and ongoing brand maintenance. Here are a few tricks.

Why you need to know what ad hominem means

The use of ad hominems strains relationships, stifles debate, and often results in poor decisions. They can be as innocent as an overlooked social cue, or as toxic as racism. Ad hominem arguments promote ignorance, contentiousness and social censorship.

Human Resources

How employers can plan for virtual open enrollment this year

COVID-19 has forced businesses to embrace technology and get creative. Open enrollment for employee benefits will be no different. COVID-19 has impacted benefit plan design, healthcare costs and may have financial impacts on employees. A recent BenefitsPro survey found that there were dramatic changes in employees’ prioritization of their financial goal’s since COVID-19. Here are some ways that employers can better prepare and plan for a beneficial and virtual open enrollment session this year.


Need More Space During COVID-19?

There has never been a better time to get money to make some home improvements. The Federal Reserve has continued to keep short-term interest rates low, making it more attractive to borrow money. Here are the best options of how to borrow money using your home as collateral

To sell or to hold your real estate assets?

Now is the time for you to preclude that risk, armed with knowledge and a strategy to effectively improve your properties and keep them stabilized, making them as profitable as possible; all the while abiding by your wealth management goals.


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