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Management & Leadership

Job hunting tips for new graduates

With jobs in short supply, those with degrees, but not much experience, will need to work hard to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips for job seekers to increase their chances of landing a position.

Sales & Marketing

A guide to successful newsletter marketing in 2021

A monthly newsletter is a wonderful way to share tips about how your legal services can help your client base and connect your clients with your law firm’s more personable sides, such as your community involvement and altruistic efforts. Here are some tips to follow for creating a successful newsletter campaign.

Human Resources

How California’s employment regulation trend is gaining ground in Colorado

The “Californication” of small business regulation—that is, the passing of an increasing number of state employment laws and regulations, many which put even more burden on employers—is picking up steam. In Colorado, there are at least eight new state employment-related laws, regulations, and rules that go into effect in 2021. Here's how Colorado employers can take the right steps now to protect their employees and the business.


Should you be giving your kids an allowance?

Offering an allowance is one way to provide necessary skills that will help young ones understand money management and even how to use a basic savings account. These skills can help a great deal in the long-term, especially as children grow up and begin budgeting on their own.


Steps for eschewing trade litigation in Colorado

Patent laws have shifted, weakening protection and influencing how businesses guard their assets and react if a trade secret is exposed. All of these factors have increased trade secret litigation, which is predicted to continue its upward trajectory. Here are some proactive steps that business owners may want to consider taking right now.

Looking to expand your law firm? This is the place to go

Lawyers looking to expand their solo law firms into small law firms need to examine their location options, ensuring that their new market will provide ample work for them while still being affordable. This state is one of the best options for a second location outside of Denver due to the plethora of businesses that call it home.

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