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Management & Leadership

How to get unstuck

In the midst of our drive to succeed, we all experience those stuck moments. It's not a matter of if you will feel stuck on the journey, it's a matter of when and what you do about it when it hits.    

Effective methods to best manage a project team

Strategies depend on the team you’re working with. But the only thing you need to remember to make sure you’re successful is to keep a firm, but understanding hand. Your team is made up of humans that have their own feelings and lives. Make sure you don’t forget that in the process of reaching your goals. 

Sales & Marketing

Why I take boring marketing personally

People also make strange risk assessments in marketing—especially B2B marketing. In particular, they overestimate the risk of alienating clients by sounding colorful, and they underestimate the opportunity costs of coming across as boring.

The power of digital ads

The pandemic caused many businesses to rely more heavily on their online presence than ever before. A local expert shares the power of digital marketing for your business.

Human Resources

Can your company 401(k) plan withstand the heat?

Are you sure your company’s benefits are valued by your employees and by prospective candidates who you want to join your organization? As a business owner offering a retirement plan to employees, you are a fiduciary and that brings a responsibility to offer the best retirement savings vehicle for plan participants.

Why inclusion is good for business

Implementing more equitable hiring practices can also increase productivity and lead to higher employee retention rates. All companies stand to find value in providing a diverse and inclusive workplace.  


Wealth is more than money

Diversification is an essential technique used to reduce the risk of investing by spreading investments over different financial industries, instruments, and in other categories. The key is to diversify allocations so that each reacts differently to the same type of event


2021 changes to date and more to come in employment law

Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act and its Healthy Families and Workplaces Act (HFWA) both have significant implications for job postings, salaries, and benefits mandated to be offered by employers, and both statutes follow a trend in Colorado for providing substantial worker protections.  

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