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Why frustration is good business

There is some algorithm somewhere that shows that a high percentage of frustrated people simply give up and drop their inquiries at a certain time in the experience, so the companies can avoid paying claims or even hearing the complaints. We just go away, and they count on that. Customer frustration is good for business.   

Granting equity interest to key employees

So, you want to give equity in your company to one or more key employees? How do you give equity in your company to these folks, and what are the potential consequences? This process requires precise structuring and a clear shared understanding between employer and employee. 

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5 ways to make the most of technology during health care open enrollment

With the COVID-19 pandemic underscoring the importance of providing people with access to health care benefits, information and services, employers are in a unique position to help simplify the health care experience for employees, support their well-being and potentially curb costs. As millions of Americans make health care benefit decisions during the fall’s open enrollment, here are five technology-related tips Colorado employers should consider now and in the future.


3 financial resolutions for 2022

Higher interest rates, inflation, continuing issues with COVID-19, and the pandemic’s potential impact on the economy will make 2022 difficult from a financial perspective. However, if you have a game plan, it will seem less daunting, particularly when it comes to your financial picture.

Do you need a financial advisor?

Navigating financial matters can be challenging. Your financial goals and priorities can shift over your lifetime. Retaining a financial advisor provides you with the necessary experience to handle this critical area of your life.


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