Pandemic accelerates direct-to-consumer farm sales

Around 7 million additional U.S. households turned directly to producers in 2020. Experts say that growth in direct agricultural sales across the state could benefit the industry long term due to the increase in consumer knowledge and appreciation of local food production. Plus, a collection of resources to connect farmers, ranchers directly to consumers.

Women in dentistry on the rise

According to the American Dental Association, 33% of dentists in the U.S. are female, and 63.4% own their own practice. Women also hold about 35% full-time and 30% part-time faculty positions at dental schools. Check out this discussion about why this trend is happening and how we can continue to support and encourage these strong industry leaders. 

Beer in 2021 and beyond

Breweries that want to not only survive but to thrive on the other side will need to change and adapt. 2021 may or may not mark the end of the pandemic, but it will certainly bring additional twists and turns for breweries as they weather the current crisis and position for growth in the coming years. As 2020 finally nears its end, here are some items to watch in 2021.

2020 holiday shopping outlook report

Ibotta's latest report latest report combines surveys of more than 3,000 Ibotta Savers and general U.S.-based consumers. It examines current sentiments ahead of the holiday shopping season and how consumer preferences and behaviors, both in-store and online, will shift in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.