Is now the time to invest in your business?

For business owners, the last few years have seen shifting trends, opportunities and challenges — from tax law changes and increased M&A activity, to technology advances and low unemployment. These changes impact how, and if, owners decide to reinvest in the company.

Top secrets to landing a higher job offer

When executives interview, it’s imperative to go in knowing what they want as a salary as well as having plenty of proof they are worth it. Many go in without this and it costs them dearly. Here are top secrets to getting a higher job offer that executives should follow.

Irrational exuberance is taking over the stock market

Irrational exuberance is a state of mania when stocks increase regardless of deteriorating fundamentals or uncertainty. When this happens, greed, overconfidence, and fear of missing out takes over the mind of investors. What can investors do when irrational exuberance takes over the stock market?

How emotions play a role in managing your money

While money isn’t everything, it’s important to keep savings and spending in line with your individual financial goals. To better separate your emotions from your money, here are four steps to help you become more confident and less stressed about your financial future.

Why Valuation Matters for Closely-Held Businesses

We are all working toward an end-of-business ownership event, whether it's an external sale, an internal succession or a transition to your family through an estate plan. Whichever path you hope to take, the change will arrive someday. Knowing this, it's vital to have a strategy in place.