Am I signing my life away?

In essence, liability waivers disclaim legal responsibility for the business by getting other parties to agree to take on the risk of doing something. More companies are using them today to avoid the financial ramifications of an accident.

Creativity: A requirement for family law practitioners

COVID-19 continues to impact families on all fronts, like exacerbating conflict with added financial strain, stressors of remote learning for children and isolation from others. COVID-19 also limited avenues for relief. Family law attorneys faced delayed hearings and confronted new obstacles. These unprecedented changes demand a new sense of creativity. Learn more from one attorney's three-step approach.

Steps for eschewing trade litigation in Colorado

Patent laws have shifted, weakening protection and influencing how businesses guard their assets and react if a trade secret is exposed. All of these factors have increased trade secret litigation, which is predicted to continue its upward trajectory. Here are some proactive steps that business owners may want to consider taking right now.