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How to retain workers and maintain quality care

Demand for healthcare workers, particularly nurses, skyrocketed in 2020 as hospitals and other facilities increased staff to keep pace with the pandemic. Beyond the pandemic, hospitals are still working their way through a backlog of surgeries and other procedures that were postponed because of the virus. Here’s a look at how hospitals can stay ahead of staffing trends and retain critical workers this year.

6 factors to determine whether you should outsource

Times are gone when outsourcing was reserved for large companies and multinationals. Today, businesses of all sizes are joining the wagon, and all for the benefits, it offers. Giving out some functions to a third-party service provider leaves you with enough time to focus on the core business aspect-growth. Plus, you can leverage the vendor’s vast resources and expertise, putting you ahead of the competition. Here are pros and cons to consider when thinking about outsourcing. However, outsourcing also poses some downsides such as losing control over business functions among others.