Colorado Cool Stuff: Monster Portraits

A graphic designer behind numerous websites, CD covers and comic books, Robert Elrod has been a fan of monster movies since he was a kid. “I’ve always loved this stuff, the Universal monsters and the giant monsters, Godzilla, you name it,” he says.


Elrod decided to mix business and pleasure when he launched Monster Portraits last September. The premise is simple: Send Elrod a picture of your face, and he’ll paint a portrait of you as your favorite monster. “You can be a Frankenstein’s monster or a vampire,” he says. “I even did a Klingon.”

Besides commissions from near and far, Elrod can work in real time at events and shows, crafting monstrous portraits of attendees before the party’s over. $40 to $125 for a custom monster portrait.

Created by Robert Elrod, Parker, (303) 841-9014,

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