Colorado Cool Stuff: Optic Nerve Eyeque

The company behind the $50 pair of technical sunglasses, Optic Nerve was founded in the early 1980s. In the late 2000s, its catalog keeps on growing. After debuting a line of ski goggles in January, the company is expanding its biking eyewear this summer with the cutting-edge Eyeque and several other styles. Optic Nerve is sponsoring the all-day, all-night 24 Hours of ERock (, a June 5-6 distance race around Elephant Rock in Palmer Lake.


“The Eyeque is ideal for 24 Hours of ERock,” says company spokesperson Gregory Niver, because riders won’t have to change the “photomatic” lenses that adjust their tint based on available light. Niver says Optic Nerve continues to focus on the “middle ground” of the market, offering technical sunglasses for half the price of the top brands.

“We’re still the dominant player, but we have a lot more competitors now.” Eyeque: $69 retail. Made by Optic Nerve (a dba for Mountain Shades Inc.), Wheat Ridge, (800) 234-0735, A store locator is on the website.

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