Companies Need Culture to Attract the Best Employees

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Colorado’s workforce and job market are both booming; according to research from WalletHub, the state is the third best place to find a job and boasts the second best job market in the country. And with more people and more jobs hitting Colorado, it takes more time than ever to search for a job and to find the right employees.

But Denver talent management and consulting firm ICC: Innovate Coach Consult's annual list of the "Best Companies to Work for" in Colorado can help both job seekers and employers. “In this tight talent market, good employees seek out companies that care enough about their culture to compete in this award,” ICC President and CFO Susan Ruhl says. “In just participating, companies get great information about how their cultures are performing and what specific areas should be focused on."

Culture is critical to a company's success, she says, adding, “When we think about culture at ICC, and measuring culture, we think beyond employee happiness, flashy perks and extravagant office surroundings. By supporting the employees success the company inevitably supports its own success. Not only will the employee be happier at work, but the reduction in turnover, increase in performance, and reaffirmed commitment is key."

The list serves as a way for companies to both retain and recruit employees, obtain valuable feedback from employees on their current work environment, have happier employees at the end of the day and receive recognition for all the work done to make a company a great place to work.

“Companies who have chosen to participate in Best Companies to Work for in Colorado are looking to get intentional about building a best company to work for culture,” Ruhl says. “Being the ‘best’ means having a team of employees and leaders whose collaboration creates something special. It means building a winning culture that supports ideation and improvement, and empowers employees’ continued success.”

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ICC oversees this program each year and awards companies based entirely on employee feedback about their company experiences. Each applicant’s employees take the Denison Culture Survey, which measures mission, adaptability, involvement and consistency- the four main drivers of high performance according to Denison Consulting.

The awards are given to the best small, medium, large and extra-large companies across the state, with runner-ups also recognized in each category. In addition to the prestige, the finalists for the list each submit a video on behalf of their company highlighting whatever it is that makes them a top-notch employer.

Time is running out, so apply today for your company to be considered as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado!

(Editor's note: ColoradoBiz is the media sponsor of the Best Companies to Work for, and winners/finalists will be featured in the Nov.-Dec. issue of the magazine.)

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