Culture Ingrained in Care and DNA at Award-Winning Hospital

Rose Medical Center named Health-Care winner in 2018's Top Company

By some measures and reports, Colorado's health-care system ranks in the Top 10 nationally. Who are the providers and professionals serving up the state's wellness? Here we catalog the winner and finalists of the 2018 Top Company in the Health Care space.




The mission of this Denver hospital established in 1949 is “serve the need of every creed.”  

Rose Medical Center was founded by the Jewish community to provide a place for Jewish physicians to practice medicine after returning from service in World War II. It was named after Jewish war hero Major Gen. Maurice Rose of Denver, who was killed in combat.

The consistently award-winning hospital with a staff of 860 full-time and 339 part-time employees is well-known for such areas as obstetrics, orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery and breast cancer care. In 2017, the hospital earned the prestigious Magnet Recognition for exemplary nursing care and was named the number three hospital in the Rocky Mountain region by U.S. News & World Report.

“What’s unique about Rose is our culture,” CEO Ryan Tobin says. “Sure, everyone says that, but our culture is ingrained in our DNA as a hospital. That means we hire great people who support each other to provide exemplary patient care every day. We regularly ask ourselves – is this care good enough? – and challenge each other about what can be improved. We empower our whole staff to bring up new ideas in processes and functions.”

The open-door culture inspires long-term employment with nurses on staff up to 40 years and doctors nearly 50 years. The hospital supports a long list of charities. For example, the staff hosted a month-long food drive this year collecting one ton of supplies to support Jewish Family Service and Volunteers of America.




No patient in need in Jefferson, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Park counties is turned away from services provided by nonprofit Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice.

Community support underwrites financial assistance for uninsured and underinsured patients for home health and hospice care, palliative care, support and counseling through this 38-year-old organization.

The 70 full-time employees recognize end-of-life and chronic conditions impact entire families, so the full continuum of service encompasses direct patient care, multiple family platforms, frequent support groups, children’s grief summer camp and companionship care.

With the company motto “Mountain people helping mountain people,” employees devote time to education, awareness and wellness by working with such local groups as fire departments, suicide prevention groups, Alzheimer’s and dementia groups, caregiver support groups and adult protective services.



The addiction recovery center empowers and enables clients 18 and older to achieve lasting sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

Established in 2015, the state-licensed and nationally accredited center has grown from six to 36 staff members, opened a second location in Fort Collins and increased the number of patients served from seven to 247 last year.

The majority of therapists at AspenRidge Recovery are dually licensed or certified in both addiction and mental health treatment. With its compassionate care-focused model, the center also educates and aids in the healing process for family members of patients.

Staff members support nonprofits and participate in addiction recovery rallies, events, walkathons and 5K races.

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