Do you suffer from sales denial?

Like it or not, every business is in the business of selling

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are courageously stepping into the role of starting a new business because they have a particular passion, talent, skill, ability, product or service.  Then one day, they found themselves reluctantly stepping into the role as the salesperson for that business. They never thought they would find their business dependent on their selling skills.

Many entrepreneurs believe that all they need to do to grow their business is network, talk to more people, print a bunch of business cards, build a nice website and post articles and blogs on Linkedin and Facebook. Add in the assortment of myths and misconceptions about sales, and you have a business owner with a distorted picture of the most critical aspect of their business: sales and selling.

Underestimating the importance of learning how to sell and honing this precious skill will wreak havoc in their business.

It surprises me how often I hear professionals who flat out insist that they are in some occupation other than sales. Examples include attorneys, CPAs, accountants, financial planners, bankers, doctors, consultants and coaches. They say, “I’m not a salesperson” or “I’m not in sales, I’m a _____.”  There are two reasons why they do this. First, because they have a skewed perception and definition of what it means to sell. Second, they do not want to admit they don’t know how to sell, so it is easier to say they don’t have to.

I talk to business owners every day who are struggling with the fundamentals of sales and are not sure why this is happening. They are struggling because they do not believe they are in sales. They believe that developing sales skills is a waste of time. They are refusing to believe they have to sell. It’s easier to deny the fact that they have to sell than it is to actually learn to sell.

Denial is dangerous.

Learning to sell yourself and your product or service is one of the biggest challenges a startup faces.

Your success depends on your ability to sell your ideas, concepts, products and services to others. It is life or death for your business. You took that first courageous step. Now follow through. All entrepreneurs must embrace their role as the chief sales officer.

All your prospecting activities lead to a sales conversation. Practice and learn how to conduct an insightful, engaging, robust, intentional and value-filled conversation that moves and inspires someone to buy from you.

Entrepreneurs are refining and upgrading their sales skills and taking control of what happens to their bottom line. Real growth and true success come from taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember, denial is dangerous. Denial is one of the most expensive zip codes to live in

It is time to move out of denial and step into reality. Smart and serious business owners are recognizing that their "product or service" is only part of the sales process and that selling is the only way they are going to keep their business alive. 

You have a choice. Accept the fact that everything in life is sales and we are all selling something, your business included. Don’t accept the consequences of lost business and a small bottom line when you can thrive with the skills and techniques that keep your business in business.

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