Drawing Conclusions: Jobs – and Rent – A Mile High

Denver boasts low unemployment but long average commute times

A report released May 24 by online job platform ZipRecruiter ranked Denver No. 9 among U.S. job markets for recent college graduates. Among the 10 ranked cities, all with at least 700,000 residents, Denver boasted the

  • Lowest unemployment rate (2.8 percent)
  • Second-highest median salary for new grads ($51,600)
  • Highest median rent (2,069) and second-longest average commute time.

Topping the ranking based on those criteria was Omaha, Nebraska, followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul; St. Louis; Pittsburgh; Milwaukee; Santa Rosa, California; Boise, Idaho; Denver; and Cincinnati.

Here's what the report had to say about the Mile High City:

"Denver is now well-established as one of the next Silicon Valleys. Once Google moved in, the wave of tech startups began to swell, and it shows no sign of breaking soon. Denver's median rent is the highest on our list, and housing prices are soaring thanks to the tech boom, but the unemployment is exceptionally low. With so much entrepreneurship happening in Denver, recent college graduates might have trouble choosing between job offers."

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