Falcon Industries Creates Custom Cylinders in La Junta

Hydraulic dump trailers have an extended life with custom fit cylinders

FALCON INDUSTRIES  |  Product: Industrial  |  Made in: La Junta

In 1981, Eagle Upsetters of La Junta was in the oilfield business threading pipe, and the company's leaders realized it would be more efficient to manufacture their own couplings. "We set up a separate business to do it," says Dave Hill, president of Falcon today and son of a co-founder.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the pipeline. “About the time we got our ducks in a row, the bottom fell out of the oil industry,” Hill says. 

With the equipment on hand, Falcon quickly pivoted to make cylinders for hydraulic dump trailers. Today, Falcon supplies trailer manufacturers, but many of the cylinder orders are custom one-offs for old trucks. “Our claim to fame is we build a cylinder that costs a little more, but it’s really easy to work on,” Hill says. 

Falcon sources barrels made from steel and composites from outside vendors, then builds the cylinders in-house. “We cut end-caps out of plate and ears out of steel and weld everything together,” Hill says. “It’s just really practical.” 

Hill has also recognized the power of the internet for his company’s far-flung customer base. “Our website is set up so the customer can give us information and I can create a cylinder that meets their needs,” he says. 

With a fully equipped machine shop with CNC capabilities, Falcon also makes parts for other manufacturers in La Junta, including DeBourgh Manufacturing Co., Oliver Manufacturing and Lewis Bolt and Nut Co. “It’s been really good for us,” Hill says. 

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