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The family-owned plumbing services addresses consumer needs with video quotes.
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President at High 5 Plumbing Levi Torres offers personalized video quote assessments.


In 2018, High 5 Plumbing recognized a need in the plumbing industry in providing “accurate” quotes without an on-site visit. We would receive multiple calls from new clients daily “calling around” to receive quotes for plumbing work. Due to plumbing systems in the Denver Metro Area varying based on location, age, and materials used, it can be difficult to get an accurate quote over the phone without having eyes on the plumbing system.

Recognizing the increase in demand, our team quickly started brainstorming ways to provide clients accurate quotes to ensure we were able to serve every customer calling into High 5 Plumbing. With widespread innovations in technology, it didn’t take long for us to realize mobile applications such as Zoom, Facetime, and Google Duo were the best tools to address the problem. These apps gave us an avenue to connect with every client virtually anywhere.

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Service Manager Jay Owens using FaceTime for quotes.

That’s how High 5 Live was born. As soon as we launched, we immediately began seeing an increase in serving clients on a broader scale. Utilizing the visual aspects of these apps, we are able to provide estimates for both small and large repairs through High 5 Live.

The need for High 5 Live became even more vital during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. Because of the challenge for face-to-face interaction, High 5 Live provided a safe, easy way to provide quotes on repairs during the height of the pandemic.

We knew right from the start of the pandemic that our High 5 Live booking option would become more popular with everything going virtual during the “Zoom Boom.” Since High 5 Plumbing technicians were able to use their iPhone for a video quote to connect directly with clients, many clients chose that option since it wasn’t a face-to face interaction.

Clients were very receptive of the online option and provided great feedback on the service. In addition, if the plumber needed to investigate more through an in-person inspection, the client could book that appointment same day while sticking to COVID protocols.

Toward the future, we believe that High 5 Live will continue to grow as a convenient strategy to assess problems and increase leads. Every call that comes into our call center matters. With this appointment option our booking percentage will continue to increase allowing us to serve and educate more clients throughout the Denver Metro Area.

For more information, visit High 5 Plumbing where you can schedule a video visit appointment online, or call (720) 388-8247.


Cassi Torres High 5 Plumbing

Vice President Cassi Torres and the teams behind High 5 Plumbing are innovating the plumbing industry across Denver.

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