How to Get Home Field Advantage in Life

Shift to your interior playing field, where you have the a multitude of resources for a win

Let's face it, home field advantage gives you a leg up when it comes to having the odds stacked in your favor:

  • The playing field is familiar along with the climate.
  • You're surrounded by a power house culture of support.
  • Your confidence is up because you have had plenty of practice and you know what to expect.
  • The playbook is filled with boots-on-the-ground drills and skills.

Can you imagine waking up and going to work each day knowing you had all those benefits.

Whatever you shine the light of your awareness on in life expands or contracts depending on the frame you place it in. Do you play more away games or home games in your life?

So, what are the disadvantages of "away games?" The time you spend mentally and emotionally outside of yourself?


Energy is your capacity for action. Ruminating over a play that was not executed efficiently and resulted in a fumble prevents you shaking it off. Instead, let it go and move on.


Perhaps you have trained at a lower altitude and find yourself gasping for air at half time in a higher location. Train at higher altitudes for greater stamina.


If you don’t set your sights at your desired outcome, you rise and fall emotionally depending on how the other team reacts. Rather than maintaining inner composure as you go for the first-downs in life, you experience a lot false starts and loss of ground.


This stifles your agility and risk taking abilities. It's exhausting to live outside of yourself. Personal fouls block your forward momentum.


Don’t sabotaged yourself with fear of the unknown and an insatiable desire to know why things happen as they do.


How do you get home field advantage in day-to-day life? Let's shift to your interior playing field. When you fully occupy home field advantage you have the following available resources for a win:

You are aware of your emotions. You know how to successfully manage your emotions. You are aware of the emotions of others and handle them successfully which results in field advantage.


You pause and reflect as you explore the good of all concerned and maximize your God given skills and talents in a calm, confident manner.


you create safe space within conversations and listen to understand rather than bullying to be understood.


You identify and adjust your perceptions to support a fuller view of reality as you respect different perspectives and methodologies and welcome constructive feedback from other players on your team.


You view each new play call in life as an opportunity for learning and growth and end the statement: "I don't know how to do that" with the word…YET as you have full confidence in your ability to learn new things.


This allows you to go for it in life without attaching your sense of worth and value to what you do, after all, it's just a game. You know who you are and align what you do with the highest version of the person you are committed to being which is why you have no problem recruiting good talent to your team.

Life is short. As you wake up to another opportunity to step onto the playing field of life, what will you choose? Away game or home game? The choice is yours and will make all the difference in the outcome of your game that day. I choose home field advantage, simply because it feels better. 

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