Introducing: The Best of Colorado 2023

Learn how these Colorado companies embody the art of specialization and climbing the summit of success.
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Even to this day, I remember reading as a middle schooler about Adam Smith and his book “The Wealth of Nations,” focused on centralized manufacturing and the division of labor during the Industrial Revolution. While collectively these elements caused a historic shift in the world economy, it was always the art of specialization that captured my attention: Instead of one individual doing everything, refocus and divide your productive capacity (skills, resources, etc.) on a specific set of goods and services. In other words, do one thing, and do it well. Specialization not only increases output, but also increases recognition and reputation.

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Many of this year’s Best of Colorado winners embody the art of specialization. They don’t pretend to be something they are not, rather they concentrate on one element and aim to perfect it. That in turn has clearly helped them make a name for themselves. Our readers (Best of Colorado customers) not only remember them but make a concerted effort to vote for them, That’s a tremendous accomplishment in this era of overwhelming messages, marketing and mindshare.

But that takes time. Here at ColoradoBiz, we’ve heard many serial entrepreneurs and CEOs depict their success as a climb rather than a meandering journey. After all, the highest summits are always uphill and rarely scaled on the first day.

So, here’s to this years Best of Colorado winners. They have found a way to perfect their craft, grow their brand and be recognized for their specialization. They have scaled the summit of success.


Jon Haubert Hb Legacy Media Co 2Jon Haubert is the publisher of ColoradoBiz magazine. 

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