John Lilley, Top Techie, Strives to Give Ski Resort Guests a Five-Star Experience

Among Lilley's software developments is the Aspen-Snowmass app




“The ski industry is this old, monolithic thing,” says John Lilley, formerly on the tech team at Vail Resorts. “It’s very easy to get $7 million to put in a lift.”

But when Lilley goes to the higher-ups for sign-off on $1 million for a new data warehouse, eyes glaze over.

“I want to impact the guest experience for the better,” Lilley says of his motivation after more than five years with Aspen. “I’m focused on skiing as a growth industry.”


At Aspen, he speaks of a “state of mind” he seeks to embody in digital tools that “meet and exceed” the expectations of the guests. 

“There’s this friction that exists with the sport at the beginning and middle of the guest lifecycle,” Lilley says. “For me, the challenge is, how do I use tech to improve and eliminate that friction to the degree we can?”

The products that live in that bucket include the Aspen-Snowmass app, a custom-built mobile experience; on-mountain cellular connectivity; and a wide variety of experiments that help achieve and support a white-glove experience at the remote mountain destination. 

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