Jonathan Munro is inspired by the success of those he leads

Jonathan Munro is one of the Top 25 Young Professionals of 2021
Munro Jon

Jonathan Munro, 38

Senior Vice President, Regional Retail Leader Colorado Market, KeyBank | Denver

Jonathan Munro was raised by a single mom who immigrated from Peru with little English but an abundance of determination — a role model who helped set up her son for success.

Being tapped to lead KeyBanks Colorado retail bank operations in May 2020 was just the latest in a rapid succession of promotions for Munro, who has been redefining KeyBank programs since joining the company just three years ago, supervisor Michael Walters says.

One of Jons core beliefs is that we are all called to a higher purpose beyond our jobs,” Walters says. He believes that as he finds more success, he has a greater responsibility to give back to the community – that the two go firmly hand-in-hand.”

Munro chairs the board of Intercambio, a nonprofit providing cultural integration and English classes to immigrants in Boulder County, and sits on the board of Latin American Education Foundation, which provides higher education scholarships to Hispanic students in Colorado.

Munro says his definition of success has changed throughout his life, particularly when he moved into management.

Leadership challenged my selfish needs for personal recognition,” Munro says. These needs evolved into a mentality that recognized the importance of success for the individuals who counted on me to lead them in their own careers.”

His No. 1 goal: To continue to help the people Im leading achieve their full potential.”

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