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Snaptron, Inc.

960 Diamond Valley Drive, Windsor, CO 80550
Fax: 97-0.686.5273
Business Services: B2B Retail: Office Products/Furniture/Equipment, Manufacturing

Innovative Switch Solutions

Snaptron, Inc., located in Windsor, CO, is a leading manufacturer of tactile metal dome contacts. Our tactile domes are normally open momentary switch contacts that, when used in conjunction with a printed circuit board, flex circuit, or membrane, become normally open tactile switches.

For over 25 years Snaptron has been the industry leader in providing high quality tactile metal switch contacts (snap domes) and complimentary equipment for a wide variety of industries – including medical, consumer, automotive, military, aviation, membrane switches, smart home products, appliances, instrumentation, and controls. Tactile domes provide the tactile feedback in products such as automotive key fobs and steering wheel controls, handheld radios, membrane keyboards found in appliance controls and kiosk panels, electronic wearables, medical electronics, aviation controls, and a variety of other instruments and controls.