Sam Morris leads Blue Star Recyclers to new growth

Sam Morris is one of the Top 25 Young Professionals of 2020

Sam Morris, 36

President | Blue Star Recyclers

Colorado Springs

Things at Blue Star Recyclers seem to have become twice as excellent under Sam Morris’ leadership. Annual income has doubled to $3 million and the pounds of electronics recycled has doubled to $4 million. The number of locations has grown to five from two, and the number of employees to 50 from 30. And for the first time, Blue Star has become self-sustaining.

“Sam achieved (those) results during a period of some of the worst conditions for the recycling industry, when 30% of recyclers went out of business,” says Bill Morris, who founded Blue Star in 2009. “Sam developed Blue Star from a local enterprise into the largest electronics recycler based in Colorado.”

Sam Morris has invested his time and talent to advocate for workforce inclusion and environmental accountability, securing a federal grant for a CRT TV recycling program for low-income and elderly people.

Hear from Morris himself about his path to success:

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