Spring cleaning: A healthy workplace makeover

Research reveals a well-designed professional setting can boost health, brainpower and bottom lines

Since many of us spend more time at the office than we do at home or outside, a healthy work environment is vital, not only to productivity, but to physical and mental well-being.

Research shows there are a few key elements to a professional setting that can help boost health, brain power and even bottom lines.  

People are the most valued resource for any business – or are they

According to LivWell Colorado, for every dollar spent by employers in workplace wellness programs, there was an average savings of more than $3. Organizations of all shapes and sizes stand to benefit from cultivating atmospheres that promote and protect the health and wellness of their occupants. 

Whether you work from home, a corporate cubicle, the corner office or a coworking space, here are three areas to focus on to give your office space a healthy makeover this spring:


A Harvard University study says offices with increased ventilation and lower levels of air pollutants are linked to better employee performance. Though some aren’t in the position to modify their office ventilation systems over night, consider opening windows while you work – after all, Colorado is known for its 300-(plus) days of sunshine – or invest in an air purifier for your desk.

Also, try adding plants. Bringing nature into the workplace can improve air quality and wellness.


Natural light is the best option, if available. If not, LED lighting and quality fixtures that reduce glare and shadows and light controls can help create a more comfortable office setting. Modern systems now include reduced flicker, increased light output and improved color, all of which have been proven to help occupant satisfaction levels. Lighting retrofits can be financed and are commonly eligible for numerous Colorado and federal utility rebates and tax incentives offered to sustainable lighting projects.


Sitting for extended periods of time in the workplace isn’t recommended, but the right office equipment can create an optimum working environment. Consider an equipment lease to upgrade to the latest office equipment without incurring a big capital expenditure or ask a boss to provide an ergonomic chair for good posture. Trends in office equipment include functional desks, standing desks or exercise balls.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager or employee, investing in these or other workplace improvements can help promote health and wellness, increase comfort, improve energy efficiency, and even reduce operating expenses. 

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