State of the state: Fitness

“We believe that by providing a very unique work/lifestyle balance, we can differentiate ourselves from other employers and attract the best employees out there,” explained Marc Graveline, vice president of engineering research and development for German e-commerce company hybris. Graveline is heading up the construction of a new office in Boulder for the company, which will be located somewhere near Foothills Parkway and Pearl Street and is slated to open sometime this summer.

In order to attract top-flight software engineers, Graveline said hybris’ planned office will feature a wide range of services generally designed for endurance athletes, including a CompuTrainer cycling room, treadmills, massage therapists, coaches and showers. Combine that with an “open, modern, very collaborative” office design (and Boulder’s culture and outdoor recreation opportunities) and the result could give hybris an edge over other software companies searching for talent.

But why are the e-commerce experts putting so much emphasis on triathletes and other endurance competitors? “We want passionate, driven, results-oriented employees. Endurance athletes typically fit that description,” Graveline explained. “People that share common passions and are given the opportunity to do them together often create great working relationships.”

German-based software giant SAP AG announced on June 5 plans to acquire hybris for an undisclosed price.