Taming Agriculture's Energy Hogs 

Sam Anderson, energy specialist with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, oversees the state’s ACRE3 program that provides agricultural producers with grant funding for energy-efficiency projects and renewable energy.  Return on investment depends on the type of operation. “Dairies and year-round…

Colorado Agtech Hits Critical Mass

A third-generation Colorado farmer, Marc Arnusch grows barley and other grains on 2,200 acres in the Prospect Valley east of Keenesburg.  His son, Brett, joined Marc Arnusch Farms after he graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences in…

Pandemic accelerates direct-to-consumer farm sales

Around 7 million additional U.S. households turned directly to producers in 2020. Experts say that growth in direct agricultural sales across the state could benefit the industry long term due to the increase in consumer knowledge and appreciation of local food production. Plus, a collection of resources to connect farmers, ranchers directly to consumers.