Taming Agriculture's Energy Hogs 

Sam Anderson, energy specialist with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, oversees the state’s ACRE3 program that provides agricultural producers with grant funding for energy-efficiency projects and renewable energy.  Return on investment depends on the type of operation. “Dairies and year-round…

Should Colorado adopt California's energy policies?

Natural gas is currently used by both residential and commercial building owners for a variety of purposes, with water heating, space heating, and cooking making up the primary preferred applications. Over the last year, environmental groups have been targeting the natural gas industry and its consumers through local bans on new natural gas hookups. A look at how this could affect access to affordable and reliable energy.

Top Company 2020: Energy

Meet Blue Raven Solar, East Daley Capital and Colorado Geothermal Drilling Inc. as they represent just some of the 2020 top company winners. From in-house solar systems to building safer drilling equipment, these three firms are making a mark on the energy community.