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5 ways to make the most of technology during health care open enrollment

With the COVID-19 pandemic underscoring the importance of providing people with access to health care benefits, information and services, employers are in a unique position to help simplify the health care experience for employees, support their well-being and potentially curb costs. As millions of Americans make health care benefit decisions during the fall’s open enrollment, here are five technology-related tips Colorado employers should consider now and in the future.

Four ways COVID-19 is changing health care–now and in the future

As Colorado and the nation continue to navigate the deep impacts of COVID-19, one thing seems certain—the pandemic has changed the way many of us have traditionally viewed and engaged with the health care system. Many times, crises create an urgency to speed up innovations to meet consumers’ demands and provide convenience. COVID-19 has led to a few emerging trends that may usher in permanent changes to the ways we access health care.

Top Company 2020: Health Care

Meet Mount Evans Home Health Care, Hero Practice Services and AllHealth Network as they represent just some of the 2020 top company winners. From offering home health and hospice care to serving as many children in need as possible, these three firms are making a mark on the health care community.