Top Techie Katica Roy Envisions Equal Opportunity

Pipeline Equity designs software to stop gender bias before it starts




Driven by the idea of a romanticized world in which men and women could possess genuine equal opportunity, Katica Roy launched Pipeline Equity in April 2017 as a place “where companies and communities thrive because everyone has the opportunity to make an impact.” 

“I built Pipeline in Colorado because we are known as change-makers and first movers,” Roy adds. “We have some of the best talent in the country, plus we’re a short plane ride to either coast.” 


Pipeline’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology leverages live data from client organization’s cloud-based human capital management system to intercept decisions affecting gender equality in real-time. This allows talent teams and people managers to “have the power to make meaningful decisions across the five pillars of talent: hiring, pay, promotion, potential and performance,” Roy says. 

Pipeline Recommendations offers on-the-spot recommendations to help eliminate workplace biases before they start. 

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