Wowza wows with awesome streaming media solutions

It provides live and on-demand streaming for companies of all sizes

Wowza Media Systems

Golden – – Founded: 2005

Oprah and the Pope. Customers like that surely warrant a “Wow.”

These days, media viewers maintain high expectations when they stream video from around the world and around the clock. As such, Wowza Media Systems powers streaming video and audio with customizable software and services to build, deploy and manage high-quality live and on-demand streaming solutions for Fortune 100 companies, small to mid-sized businesses, content delivery networks, educational institutions, and government operations in more than 150 countries. Wowza provides more audio and video solutions than any other media server, including 45 percent of global content delivery networks, 65 percent of the top 100 universities worldwide, Colorado Public Radio and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

According to CEO and co-founder Dave Stubenvoll, though there were few competitors in Wowza’s market when the company got its start, increasingly, media servers have more choices. However, Stubenvoll’s strategy to remain an industry leader is embodied in his rule of three’s: “You have to provide three times the performance or be a third of the price,” to vie for a slice of the pie, he says. “For someone else to compete against us, it’s hard to do three times the performance or at a lower cost than ours.”

Keep Watching: This spring, the Golden-based biz launched Wowza Cloud. Within four weeks of going live, there were more than 1 million concurrent videos. Additional features will go live in the future.

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